Day Trip to Ube

The main reason we decided to head to Ube for a day trip was to see the Japanese wind chimes at Kotozaki-hachimangu Shrine . Furin, Japanese wind chimes, are known as the sound of summer. Many Japanese people enjoy hearing the soothing sound the chimes make while blowing in the wind. It is even said… Continue reading Day Trip to Ube

Goldfish Lanterns and Indigo Dyeing in Yanai

Are you looking for something different to do on a rainy or cold day? Or even an easy day trip when the weather is nice? Then head to Yanai. Yanai is a city in Yamaguchi prefecture, and it is home to the goldfish lantern festival that occurs annually on August 13th. During the lantern festival… Continue reading Goldfish Lanterns and Indigo Dyeing in Yanai